Charnwood Country 4 Multifuel


The Country 4 Wood is rated at 4.8kw.


The Country collection is a well established range of traditional style appliances. There is a stove in this range for virtually every home heating requirement; from small room heating stoves to a full central heating boiler model.

The Country collection is essentially a range of wood-burning stoves, however there is an optional reciprocating grate which easily converts wood-burners into a multi-fuel stove allowing you to burn smokeless fuels. It features a neat, external riddling action and ash pan to ensure easy cleaning and keep mess to a minimum.

The Country 4 Wood is rated at 4.8kw with a single door allowing complete view of the fire and features a spinning primary air wheel for optimum control over the burning rate.

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Height (mm) (No Canopy)


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