Charnwood Country 6 Woodburner


The versatile Charnwood Country 6 stove gives special character and warmth to your room. Choose from 6 colours available for this stylish log burner.


Size matters – and the twin-doored Charnwood Country 6 Wood Burning Stove utilizes its large size well. It can burn logs up to 380 mm (15”) and produces up to 6 kW of heat. The build quality is also impressive, constructed using plate steel with a brick lined firebox.

From all angles of the room, you get a good view of the fire raging inside, due to the unique v-front shape of this attractively styled wood burner stove.

On top of this, optional extras to enhance your stove include an easily fitted reciprocating grate, an add-on canopy or even an ash carrier for keeping it clean.

  • Cleanburn””airwash””system, using pre-heated air for combustion, makes sure glass is clean and emissions are minimal
  • Constructed using 5 mm and 10 mm plate steel with brick lined firebox
  • Wooden handled multi-functional tool included
  • Large view of fire from all angles
  • Throat plate drops down to sweep chimney through the stove
  • Optional slide-on decorative canopy for extra styling
  • Clip -on shelf can be fitted below doors
  • Optional boiler to heat water or small radiator
  • 8 Colours to choose from

Additional information

Height (mm) (No Canopy)


Width (mm)


Fuel Description


Flue Outlet Details

Top or rear Daimeter 150mm

Heat Output Details


Boiler Available


Height (mm) (Low Canopy)


Depth (mm)


Boiler Material

Mild Steel or Stainless Steel

Boiler CH Capability