STANLEY BRANDON 100 Oil Range Cooker



Our flagship range cooker, the Stanley Brandon, is a beautifully designed statement at the heart of your kitchen. Combined with the majestic presence of Stanley, the Brandon strikes the perfect chord between past and present. The Stanley Brandon is the ultimate range cooker for style and precision control.

MODEL                            BOILER OUTPUT               FUNCTIONALITY             RADIATORS
Brandon 60                     17.6kW (60,000 BTU)        CH, DHW, C                        12
Brandon 80                     23.4kW (80,000 BTU)       CH, DHW, C                        16
Brandon 100                   29.3kW (100,000 BTU)     CH, DHW, C                        20

  • Suitable for under floor heating and zoning
  • Twin chrome hotplate covers
  • New simmer plate cover
  • Chrome towel rail
  • Stylish Stanley badging and temperature gauge
  • Automatic seven-day programmer
  • Digital display and electronic controls
  • 3 channel times for separate control of hot water, central heating and oven preheat to 150ºC
  • Dedicated on/off time for cooking
  • To view the manual for the Brandon cooker -Operating Instructions, Installation and
  • Commissioning Instructions
  • The comfort of total reliability
  • Can be flued without a chimney using a fan flue kit or twin-walled flue pipe
  • Fully compatible with under floor heating
  • Separate control of hot water, central heating and oven preheat to 150ºC
  • Seven day, three channel digital timer
  • Rapid water heating – 45 minutes to heat a 60 gallon tank of water to 45 degrees
  • 8,000 BTU’s of radiant heat at 200 degrees
  • Integrated fault finding diagnostics
  • Programmable hot water