Flue Debris Collar

Exclusive to Chase, the Bobbydazzler Flue Debris Collar prevents the dirt and masonry from your chimney from falling onto you shiny new stove.

This produce is unique to Chase and solves an annoying issue in a simple manner for a great price.

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The Bobbydazzler flue debris collar has been designed to stop the problem of loose debris falling down on top of your stove.

The collar creates a perfect seal around the flue pipe and sits flush to the register plate.

This means that any ash, vermiculite or falling dirt will be collected and contained before it can reach your stove.

Our Bobbydazzler collar is very simple to fit – not only will it keep your stove free from dirt, it will create a seamless finish to your installation giving a professional look.

Comes in 4″ / 5″ / 6″ / 7″ sizes to fit most flue systems.

Fitting Instructions

1.Open the collar and place around flue pipe, larger rim at the top. Sit collar at the top of pipe flush with register plate.

3.Your flue collar is now secure and your stove will be kept free from debris. Remember to have your chimney swept at least once a year.

2.Position the join to rear and tighten the nut and bolt to hold the collar in position.