Morso Stoves

To buy a Morso is to make a choice for life. For more than 160 years Morso has led the way in both new designs and new ways of combining form and function; efficiency with beauty and comfort and, in recent years, environmental awareness.


The history of Morso dates back to 1853 when N A Christensen started the business as an iron foundry on the Limfjord island of Mors.

By the close of the century the name was known throughout the country.

As the name grew, Morso began supplying heating systems to schools, churches, public buildings and eventually several royal residences.

Morso’s Danish Heritage

For generations, Morsø has been the quintessential Danish wood-burning stove. Even Danish royalty is convinced: we’re really proud of the fact that Morsø has been Purveyor to the Royal Danish Court for more than 100 years.

Our stoves become the best-loved pieces of furniture in a home, spreading a warm glow of happiness throughout the house year after year. Morsø customers aren’t just customers, they become loyal lifelong friends.