A Guide to Stoves

Room Size

Your room size will affect the size of stove you need in Kilowatt output. It’s important that the stove is the correct size to burn efficiently. Too small and you will be over-firing your stove to get more heat out of it which can damage the stove. More commonly though, a stove that is far too big for the room is something we encounter more. If the stove is too big for your room, burning it on a low setting with a minimum air supply means ‘dirty’ elements of the wood will not burn off and this can create deposits in your chimney and create a build-up of tar. Keeping your glass clean will also be impacted as it’s the hot air circulating in the stove which is helping to keep it clean. We think you’ll be surprised, most average sized rooms require less than 5kw.


Wood must be seasoned, chopped and stored for 12-18 months with a low moisture content of around 20%. Moisture meters can be purchased from us. Kiln dried wood will burn beautifully and would be ideal.

Flue lining

Most installs require a liner. A chimney liner is not only installed for safety reasons but also make the stove work more efficiently as the stove has been tested under the condition of a correct liner size. A liner also eliminates excessive cooling of flue gasses which can cause damage to your chimney stack and be another reason for tar build up. We would recommend you contact a local HETAS engineer to install your stove as they have been through the appropriate training to install your stove safely. Our installers are fully qualified HETAS engineers.

You don’t have a chimney?

A Twin Wall flue system can be installed either internally through your property or externally. This is a rigid, insulated flue that can be installed to many parts of your house and is a great option if you thought you could never have a wood-burning or multi-fuel stove. Our twin wall flue comes as stainless steel as standard but a power coated black option is also available.

Chimney sweeping

At least once a season is recommended to make sure your flue is clear from tar. But remember, if you’re burning well-seasoned logs and your stove is the correct size for your room there should be very little tar build up if any.