The Mezzo 76 With Stand


Mezzo 76 with stand Stone Bake Pizza Oven


The Mezzo 76 Go oven is our medium sized. This pizza oven can be assembled within a matter of minutes . With a 76cm diameter cooking floor, the Primo 76 is ideal for those looking to cook multiple dishes in their oven.  The stand can also be purchased if required.

The 76 oven dome is made from insulating aggregate, meaning excellent heat retention. The base is made from dense, commercial grade material.  It stores heat for longer ensuring crispy pizza bases and excellent cooking abilities for hours on end.

The internal cooking floor is 760mm in diameter.  Unlike other wood fired ovens that use designated cooking tiles, the entire floor inside the 76 Go can be utilised for cooking.

76 Go has many cooking capabilities, allowing you to cook pizza, grill, bake and roast.  It can accommodate two large pizzas or three smaller, at one time.  Alternatively the oven can hold one large roasting tray  It’s even capable of hot & cold smoking.

It can reach it’s cooking temperature within 30 minutes (first firing will take longer).  Due to it’s insulating nature the 76 can retain heat in it’s core form, for over 4 hours, without the need to add additional wood.

The 76 Go is designed for outdoor use only. For the indoor version see the ‘Mezzo 76 kit’

The award winning design has captured the attention of ‘The Telegraph’, ‘The Times’, and has been seen in ‘Period Living’ and ‘Garden & Home’ magazines.  The design also has European protection.


  • Aesthetic Design
  • 760mm cooking floor
  • Bake, Grill & roast
  • Quick ‘Heat Up’ times
  • Oven options for indoor & outdoor
  • Flue placement allows maximum heat retention
  • Manufactured from commercial grade materials
  • Reinforced with Micro mesh technology
  • Weather & frost proof
  • Easy assembly

Additional information

Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 730 mm
Install Type

Freestanding, outdoor

Internal Diameter


Heat Up time (minutes)


Heat Retention (hours)